Rules of the Trail

• Unauthorized motorized vehicles prohibited
• Obey all traffic signs
• Bicycles must yield to pedestrians
• Everyone must yield to horses
• Stay to the right of the trail except when passing
• Give a clear warning before passing other trail users
• Horses are asked to use the woodchip side of the trail
• Discharging firearms from or across the trail is strictly prohibited
• Smoking, alcoholic beverages, and illegal drugs are not permitted on the trail right of way
• Avoid disturbing natural features
• Please respect the landowners along the trail
• The trail is closed to all users from dusk to dawn
• Camping on the trail right of way or at trailheads is prohibited. No open Campfires!
• Keep pets on a leash
• No littering

Meeting Horses on the Trail

Our trails are shared by hikers, mountain bike riders, and horseback riders. The safety of everyone using the trails is of first concern. It’s important to understand the behavior of horses and to practice proper trail etiquette when horses and people meet on the trail. Here are a few guidelines to insure everyone stays safe:

1. If a horse and rider are coming toward you on the trail, stop. Step to the side of the trail, standing where the horse can clearly see you, and allow the horse to pass.

2. If you are approaching a horse and rider from the rear, let them know you are coming by simply saying, “Hi! I’m behind you!” Your voice won’t spook the horse, but if you were to quietly walk up behind it, the horse may be surprised.

3. If you’re hiking with your dog, please keep him on a leash. Dog and horse can get excited at seeing each other and getting stomped by the horse would be disastrous.

4. Remind your children to stand still and speak quietly until the horse and rider pass.